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Hygiene of the working environment

Suction and filtration systems

The control of the level of chemical contamination of the air in many laboratories is a problem, especially when architectural limits, plant, prevent the realization of expensive ventilation systems centralized.

A practical, economical and fast to realize it is the adoption of Ventilated and filtered tissue storage cabinets, using the proven technology of molecular filtration and absolute air.

Equipped with activated carbon filter units and special pre-filters, electrostatic groups Filter COMFIT are the ideal choice to solve "difficult" situations, especially if combined with suitable Protection Devices Collective as fume cupboards to recirculating and ventilated cabinets and filtered.

In many applications, filtration systems COMFIT allow to significantly improve indoor air quality by drastically reducing the amount of particulate and chemical contamination in the storage and reduce energy costs caused by the expulsion outside ambient air thermally treated . Also eliminate the problem of unwanted drafts and depressurization of the premises typically caused by hoods total expulsion.

The regular monitoring of the efficiency of the filters is simple and economic and can be made directly by the user with the appropriate colorimetric sampler.

Compact and easy to install, Ventilated and filtered tissue storage cabinets are countless applications in the health field: analysis laboratories, chemical and pharmaceutical research laboratories, departments of pathology and autopsy rooms, endoscopy departments and urology.

Cabinets aspirated and filtered for artifacts Benches aspirated and filtered Mobile chemical hood GS 900

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