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FROST LAB refrigerators series

  • Gamma C-FREEZER
  • C-Freezer - Testata e Touch Screen
  • C-Freezer 2 ante
  • C-Freezer 2 ante interno
  • C-Freezer - Guarnizioni porta magnetica
  • C-Freezer - Ripiano grigliato plastificato in Rilsan con guide
  • C-Freezer - Vasca acciaio INOX profonda
  • C-Freezer - Gruppo frigorifero monoblocco
  • C-Freezer 1 anta
  • C-Freezer - Ripiano INOX con asolature e guide
  • C-Freezer - Slot SD card per Download storico temperature e allarmi in formato HTML e CSV
  • C-Freezer - Controller C-EVO con schermo 7” e grafico temperature REAL TIME
  • FROST LAB series
  • FROST LAB - Cooling unit monoblock and Touch Screen
  • FROST LAB - 2 doors
  • FROST LAB - 2 doors
  • FROST LAB - Removable magnetic door gasket
  • FROST LAB - GR21 Shelf in wire steel with a strong plastic coated “Rilsan”
  • FROST LAB - Stainless steel shelf
  • FROST LAB - Cooling unit monoblock
  • FROST LAB - 1 door
  • FROST LAB - GR23 Stainless steel shelf with guards on anti-tilt guides
  • FROST LAB - Slot SD card for Download historical temperatures and alarms in HTML and CSV format
  • FROST LAB - C-EVO controller with 7” screen REAL TIME temperature chart

The blinded FROST-LAB series refrigerators are innovative, reliable, with the latest generation technology solutions for maintaining the medical and scientific cold chain.

We have highlighted the design with some distinctive and ergonomic details, the quality and the intrinsic value of the product with only stainless steel and INOX 304 coating for safe hygiene over time, the safety of operators with targeted fittings and tailor made, to the "speciment" security thanks to the uniformity of temperature according to NF X 15-140, to a multi-media machine operator with the latest C-EVO controller.

All this in order to offer you a valuable help in daily practice.



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