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Chemical hoods for anatomy and histology


COMFIT produces molecular filtration chemical hoods equipped for various activities typical of the Pathological Anatomy Laboratory, chemical  hoods  cutting / reducing artifacts, fume hoods for histology or chemical hoods containment equipment for process instrumentation.

A solution for every need, for your safety and your comfort.

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Chemical hoods cutting / reducing artifacts for Pathology

chemical hoods

The cutting activities and reduction in anatomical findings involves for the operator a continuous risk of inhalation of noxious vapors of formaldehyde, when not a biohazard during the execution of extemporary.

COMFIT offers a range of chemical hoods for Pathology, specially designed to simplify and secure the job.

Fume cupboard equipped for cutting / reducing Anatomical find

Fume cupboard with filter units for specific formaldehyde and HEPA filters for microbiological decontamination of exhaust air.

chemical hoods chemical hoods chemical hoods chemical hoods chemical hoods chemical hoods chemical hoods

Chemical fume cupboard for histology

Fume cupboard for histology with filters for organic solvents, smooth stainless steel worktop with sink and two trays for unloading different alcohols and solvents, or work plans for specific activities..

histology chemical hoodshistology chemical hoodshistology chemical hoodshistology chemical hoods

Fume cupboard containment equipment and process instrumentation

Chemical hoods for containment instrumentation, with depth and / or increased height for containment in security of tissue processors, stainers robotized, mounts slides, inclusori paraffin and heaters dries slides..

chemical hoodschemical hoodschemical hoods

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