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Ventilated and filtered tissue storage cabinets

Ventilated and filtered tissue cabinets

Ventilated and filtered tissue cabinets

Cabinets for containment chemicals to molecular filtration with active carbon filter groups standard or impregnated, for storage of chemical substances harmful volatile (not-flammable).

Particularly suitable for the containment of histological findings in formaldehyde (Anatomical Pathology).

The suction speed of the air varies as a function of the opening degree of the sliding door horizontally. The minimum and maximum speed are adjustable suction.

Pdf data sheet:

Closet inhaled for anatomical artifacts GS 1000 AP


Vacuum module GS60

Vacuum module

Module molecular filtration suspended ceiling, provided with group activated carbon filtering, standard, or impregnated, for the reduction of the level of environmental harmful volatile chemicals present in the air.

Designed for indoor air decontamination of small or medium size, where technically impossible or not cost-effective channeling outside the room.

The wide range of filters allows you to select the filter that best suits your needs.

Is the ideal solution in terms of quality / price ratio for sanitizing environments that host our autopsy tables COMFIT CT 96.

Pdf data sheet:

GS60 vacuum module



Aspirated cart COM 900

Aspirated cart

Easy to move from room to room, this original aspirated cart is an excellent solution for the protection of personnel exposed in the laboratory to the risk of inhalation of chemicals during specific activities.

Molecular filtration on active carbon filters, by means of suction from the working surface.

Work area with free plane perforated for air intake, complete with stainless steel tank bottom for containing liquid and the discharge for the drainage of liquids into a special container.

Cabinet made of painted with epoxy enamels, worktop in AISI 304 stainless steel, mounted on castors.

Pdf data sheet:

COM900 aspirated cart



Chemical hood maneuverable GS 900

moble aspirated cart

A modern and functional solution consists of a chemical hood easily carried from room to room, according to actual needs.

The work surface inside the hood can be made functionally specific needs.

Particularly suitable in the hospital sector for departments operators (for filling containers with Formaldehyde anatomical find) in university teaching, in analysis laboratories.

Pdf data sheet:

GS900 compact filtration fume cupboard trolley



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